Wednesday, August 1, 2012

01/08/2012 update

It's been a busy few weeks in our little paleo house. Our youngest has been sick and I ended up at Starship with him early Saturday morning. He needed some oral steroids for Croup. He seems to be getting better now but having sick kids is stressful enough without adding changes to daily life in the mix as well.

Everyone seems to be more or less embracing the new menu. Isabella (10) is even writing her school speech about it. It's called 'Eat like a Caveman' and it's awesome. I'll share it with you once she's done.
Funny story - she went to a friends house the other day after school and told the mum she didn't think she could eat the afternoon tea because it wasn't paleo. Poor kid. The mum had no idea what she was talking about. I told her not to worry in a situation like that, she can relax the rules when she's out with other people.

I've slipped up a few times. Going to the supermarket when you're hungry is a really bad idea. Sugar is my downfall. Mostly though, I have stayed off the grains and am feeling really good for it. We had a cheat meal a little while ago (Pizza) and less then an hour later I regretted it. Talk about wheat belly. But that's cool, it was just proof that grains and I don't agree. When we cheat again it'll be with something worthwhile like Japanese or a good Curry. I'm not touching Pizza again.

Had a good couple of weeks at the gym now that the kids are back at school. I didn't get to go all holidays. I've been going to more classes including a boot camp style one last week (ouch). I've also done a few extra classes on a Tuesday night taught by my beautiful friend Jo. It's made me realise how much I miss real Yoga. When Jo starts up her new studio, I think I'll end up practically living there.
The club physical Yoga classes are not great but I do love the Pilates and Essentrics. I'm definitely more of a stretchy bendy girl then a get all up in a sweat, build muscle girl. I just don't enjoy working out like that.

Dave on the other hand loves it. He's been killing his workouts at Cross Fit and sticking pretty religiously to his diet. When he puts his mind to something he's invincible. Too bad he's been so cranky lately. Is it the sugar detoxing from his body, or is just an aversion to me? He could do with ingesting some happy be nicer to your wife pills along with his meat and veges.

I've been cooking up a storm lately and have got really good at reading labels. Unfortunately this means it takes me about 2 hours to do the shopping now. Most of the stuff I pick up gets put back down again. If I don't recognise an ingredient or it sounds dodgy in any way, I just don't buy it. Recent purchases have included 100% pure Maple Syrup and Coconut Oil. Love this stuff! We're still eating a ton of veges and I like finding new ways to cook our favourites as well as trying some new varieties. This has made the kids more adventurous too which can't be a bad thing!
Breakfasts got a lot more exciting around here when I got rid of the usual cereals. Most mornings now, I poach or boil the kids an egg and put together a quick plate of avocado and tomato, maybe a bit of ham or bacon. Izzy loves Olives on her plate. Both girls have reported feeling full at school till morning tea and Cameron doesn't seem to want to snack quite so much.

So far, so good. I'll share another recipe next time. I need to take more photos of our food, problem is I've usually scoffed half of it before I remember!

xx Kate

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