Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scallop and Bacon Sauté

If you haven't had Scallops with Bacon before, you are seriously missing out. If you aren't a fan of Seafood, try it with Chicken. Actually, Dave truly believes Bacon makes everything taste better and I am inclined to agree.
Unfortunately Bacon has a pretty bad reputation for being an unhealthily processed meat. It's high in fat and the majority are chemically cured, full of nitrates and sodium, pumped with water, artificial colours and flavours.
This pretty much sucks. We've avoided eating a lot of Bacon and don't eat shaved Ham or feed it to our kids for the reasons listed above.
But I found out recently (thanks to Aunty Linda and Google) about a company here who produce naturally cured Bacon and Ham. It's made the old fashioned way with no chemicals or additives whatsoever. You can buy direct from their factory (and also in supermarkets) so I went down to Wairau and got me some meat! They are called Hendersons and I suggest you check them out. I bought just about a bit of everything and it was all awesome.

Anyway back to the food! Frozen Scallops were on special last week at Pack n Save so I splashed out knowing that one night it would just be Dave and I for dinner and we wouldn't have to share these with the kids.
All I could think about all day was Scallops with Bacon, Scallops with Bacon. I never considered what we would have with it. This food fixation happens fairly regularly. So here's my method five minutes before dinner when I realise we should probably eat some vegetables too. 1. look in the fridge, 2. choose veges, out how best to cook them. Oh yeah, I'm living on the edge.
First I chopped up some Middle Bacon and pan fried it in some Olive Oil. I removed the Bacon and cooked some Brussel Sprouts, Spinach and crushed Garlic in the Bacon juices. Then I added that to my Bacon plate, threw some butter in the pan, turned up the heat and quickly cooked the scallops. You really don't want to do these babies for more than 2 minutes. Rubbery Scallops ain't great. Toss everything back in the pan for a minute, add some salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice and serve. I had field mushrooms with mine and Dave had Bok Choy. Delicious!

I've just changed the settings so that anyone can leave a comment now. I had no idea it was set so that you had to be a registered user. Boo!
If you try this or have any questions or suggestions let me know.
Kate =)

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