Friday, August 10, 2012

She did it!

Hi all,

We found out today that Izzy's made it through to the next round in the School Speech contest. She'll be competing against 11 other kids in her syndicate for a place at the Inter-School finals. There's only 1 spot.

That's a lot of kids and teachers that are going to hear about Paleo. It's not exactly mainstream here in little old New Zealand, so it's very exciting.

Wish her luck! We are very proud.

Kate =)


  1. "Izzy" ... I'm hoping you get to share your story with the WHOLE world. How neat would that be if EVERYONE was healthier and had MORE energy. Sooo proud of you !!

  2. I am so totally proud of you Izzy and with what your family is trying to achieve for your health. I'm definitely back Team Izzy!!! Whoop!!!