Thursday, July 5, 2012

In the beginning....

...there was bread. Glorious home made loaves of Rosemary Foccacia, Pizza Dough, Spinach and Cheese Scones. The list could go on. Let's just leave it at I love to bake and my entire family love the results of that baking.
So when my husband came home from a Cross Fit training session at the gym one night and told me he wanted to try and follow a Paleo template for every meal, he met with a fair bit of resistance and skepticism on my part.
Obviously there were a few jokes about dragging me into his cave (wishful thinking apparently), but mostly I just envisioned plates piled high with rare meat and not much else.
I was also immediately a little annoyed, because I figured that this was going to become a huge inconvenience for our entire family as I tried to figure out what the heck to put on his plate at night. I must have unconsciously verbalized this feeling because he got riled up and defensive claiming that I didn't need to change anything about our meals, he would simply eat what he could and avoid the rest. 

Of course this achieved nothing other than making me worry that then he wouldn't get enough to eat and believe me, the man opens the fridge enough times a day as it is.

Anyway, it came down to me deciding that as the sole cook of the family (besides Dave's mean eggs) I couldn't leave ma man in the lurch to fend for himself in his new dietary choices. Even though that is what a real caveman would do.
So my curiosity was aroused and because I'm naturally interested in food and feeding my family to the best of my knowledge and ability, I started doing a bit of research.

Ahh the wonders of Google.

So here we are now, today. I've planned and cooked two Paleo inspired dinners and made some seed and nut muesli for Dave to have with Almond milk for breakfast. No, it's not a lot.

I wanted to start this blog to track our journey as we experiment with a new way of eating, and how it affects Dave's training and general health. It's about me thinking more about the food we're consuming as a family. I'm interested to see where this goes and how we cope.

I don't know at this stage how involved our three kids will become. They are pretty attached to home baking in their lunchboxes and Ice Cream for an occasional dessert. I am happy for them to continue with that. They are all great vegetable eaters and I'm not about to deny my kids the pleasures of childhood.

So there you have it. Gradually I'll add links to blogs I've found useful and recipes I've tried successfully or not.
If anyone out there has some tips or advice to help us with going Paleo, I'd love to read your comments.

Kate =)

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  1. Wow..all sounds very exciting Kate...and you know me. I think that most people eat far to much food that is full of preservatives, additives and artificial colours.
    Good on you,